Community supported agriculture means the community of individuals supporting a farm operation and owning a share of the farm’s bounty throughout the growing season. The concept was born in Japan about 30 years back when few people concerned about the imported food and vanishing of the local farm land  started a CSA model under the Japanese name “Teikei”  However this concept was  started in USA around the  mid 1980’s with only two farmers but over years its number has increased in thousands all across North America. With people becoming more aware of the value of locally grown fresh organic food it will be widely adopted over time.

How does it work

Individuals or families who choose to become CSA members pay in advance before the start of the growing season as an advanced support to the farming operation and in return they get a generous amount of farm fresh produce throughout the season . CSA participants just not share the farm’s produce but are also willing to share the risk. In an event of crop failure due to any unforeseen circumstances CSA members take the risk with the farmer.

Our CSA program

We intend to start our CSA from the middle of June (earlier if possible) and will last for 20 weeks. We will have 10-12 different kinds of vegetables depending on the time of the season. Any specific choice of vegetable from our potential CSA member will be a welcome suggestion now if possible to grow in our climatic zone.

Size and price

We will be offering a regular share which will include 10-12 different vegetables at a set price of $500.00. For now we have decided our pick up location to be at Mcvean Farm on Friday evening but we will be flexible on that depending on the demand of our members. This season we will have will be very limited membership offers not exceeding 10. Our intention will be to keep our members happy. Please email at info@thehealthychoicefarm.com if interested to be a part of our CSA program.